Mission - Vision


At PINASZ, our mission is to be Europe’s premier export and logistics company, leveraging our team’s 20 years of procurement experience worldwide. We strive to provide exceptional services, optimize international trade, and exceed client expectations.

By sourcing high-quality products globally and utilizing our extensive network, we deliver superior value to our clients, helping them gain a competitive edge. We build long-term relationships, tailor services to meet unique needs, and prioritize integrity, reliability, and transparency.

Through continuous innovation and adherence to ethical standards, we aim to be the preferred export and logistics partner, fostering sustainable growth and enabling clients to thrive in the global marketplace.


At PINASZ, our vision is to revolutionize the export and logistics industry by setting new standards of excellence and innovation. We envision a future where businesses across the globe can seamlessly connect with international markets, leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

We strive to be the trusted partner of choice, known for our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value and unparalleled service. Through our visionary approach, we aim to transform traditional procurement practices, streamlining processes, and maximizing efficiency for our clients.

Our vision extends beyond mere transactions; we aspire to create sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, suppliers, and partners. By fostering a culture of collaboration and trust, we seek to build a global network that facilitates growth and fosters long-term success.

Innovation is at the core of our vision. We continuously explore emerging technologies, industry trends, and market dynamics to stay ahead of the curve. By embracing digitalization, automation, and data-driven insights, we aim to optimize supply chains, enhance operational agility, and unlock new opportunities for our clients.

Ultimately, our vision is to empower businesses of all sizes to expand their reach, capitalize on international opportunities, and achieve remarkable success in the ever-evolving global marketplace.